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Balsamic vinegar strong natural antioxidant

ELIA Balsamic Vinegar is a pure natural product with a high nutritional value and negligible calories content. It is a source of powerful antioxidants and in addition, adds a unique taste to the dishes.
It is name – balsamic, is coming from ancient times, when it had been used as a balsam for curing a lot of diseases.


1. Balsamic Vinegar is very rich in powerful antioxidant substances, essential for the human organism. Its antioxidant action is based on the properties of its main ingredient – the famous Corinthian raisin.

2. Balsamic Vinegar has a very high content of phenolic compounds and bioflavonoids, which:

  • Decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Improve the mental condition and oppose on the feeling of anxiety.
  • Have a positive effect on skin appearance.
  • Lower the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Contribute to the arterial blood pressure regulation.
  • They are useful in diabetes prevention.
  • Have anti-carcinogenic action.
  • Reduce the risk of brain infarct.
  • Strengthen the gnostic function and help the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Exhibit an anti-allergic action.
  • Have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

3. Balsamic Vinegar is a product with high nutritional value
Recent research, carried out by the American authorized laboratory “BRUNSWICK” proves that ELIA balsamic vinegar has considerably higher antioxidant content than other products famous with their antioxidant properties, such as: green tea, cacao, fruits, vegetables etc.

4. Other benefits related to the balsamic vinegar usage:

  • Ally in combating the overweight problems: without any fats and having a small quantity of calories, balsamic vinegar is suitable for those on diet, improving the taste of the dishes.
  • Replace other types of dressings that are rich in fats and calories. Contributes to reducing the fats added to the salads and dishes, which results in “economizing” calories and losing weight.
  • Through a double mechanism that improves the insulin sensitivity and meantime suppress lipogenesis, the polyphenols in balsamic vinegar content, assist the reducing of weight.
  • Perfect for children: the children like very much the balsamic vinegar taste, which inspires them to consume vegetables and salads with balsamic dressings.


1. Nowadays, balsamic vinegar is widely spread all over the world as an essential ingredient in cooking. A perfect complement to olive oil, It is used not only for salad dressing, but also for vegetable preservation and sauce preparation (particularly those that accompany fish, meats etc.).Try it also instead of wine when sautéing. It will surprise you!

2. Prepare healthier and more delicious recipes, based on salads and dressings with balsamic vinegar.

3. Use balsamic vinegar as a replacement of the traditional wine vinegar, which the children usually do not like very much. In contrast to the traditional one, balsamic vinegar has mild taste and aroma.

4. Add it to your child nutrition diet in order to broaden their taste preferences and improve their health by supplying them with an abundance of antioxidants.

5. Replace the salt and the greasy, ready-to-cook sauces and dressings, which are unhealthy, full of calories and fats.

6. Use balsamic vinegar in any suitable case, as it is a healthy, natural product, without preservatives.